Vinyasa Yoga Sequencing Lab

The Step-By-Step System for Creating Vinyasa Classes that Boost Your Confidence, Build Your Following, and Serve Your Students

The Vinyasa Sequencing Lab is YogaRenew’s signature program where you’ll learn exactly how to easily create vinyasa yoga class sequences for every single class you teach — so you will feel confident about consistently teaching fun, creative, intelligent vinyasa classes that truly teach your students and help build your following as a yoga teacher.

A group of yoga students in extended side angle in a vinyasa yoga class for the vinyasa yoga sequencing course

Let’s talk about who this course is for…

You’re a yoga teacher who wants to teach classes that make your students fall in love with yoga in the same way you have. AND, you’re tired of spending your time planning a class, giving it your all, and still being left with that lingering question — was this a good class? Did it help my students?


Whether you’re a…

✔️ a recent yoga teacher training grad who’s still confused about how to actually put a class sequence together

✔️ a yoga teacher with some experience not sure if your classes are too easy or too hard for your students, wanting to grow your student base

✔️ a seasoned yoga teacher ready to take your sequencing to the next level so your students can advance in their practice and you can continue to expand your following

You’re in the right place and the Vinyasa Sequencing Lab will give you the information, inspiration, and support you need to start teaching with confidence and helping your students grow their practice in a way that will make them lifelong fans of yoga– and of you.
Kate & Patrick standing against a cement wall for the Vinyasa Yoga Sequencing Course photoshoot
Ready to become a sequencing expert?

By the end of this course you will know how to…

Dissect a peak pose

Understand what parts of the body need to be opened or strengthened in order to work toward more challenging asanas

Pick poses that make sense

From the warm up through the cool down, learn to select poses that leave your students saying “that felt so good”

Master sun salutations

Learn to flawlessly teach sun salutations that help students warm up whether they're choosing to chaturanga or not

Demo skillfully

Learn the skill of showing your students how to practice the peak pose in a safe, approachable, and fun way

Teach to different levels

Choose poses that are appropriate for the level of class you’re teaching from beginners to advanced students

Save time sequencing

Use our systematic approach to create an unlimited number of yoga classes in minutes that always feel fresh and new

“These classes have the secret sauce! They always feel amazing as a student and leave you wanting to come back for more. Years of personal practice and deep study shine through these thoughtful sequences. Truly, a joy to learn from!”

Anna GreenbergPeloton Instructor

Here’s what you get when you enroll in our self-paced Vinyasa Sequencing Course:

8 Interactive Video Modules complete with full classes and breakdowns showing you the exact steps you need to consistently create yoga classes that enable your students to advance and grow in their practice.

Our Vinyasa Yoga Pose Framework to make sure you’re never left wondering which poses you should choose to put into your sequence or what order to teach them in.

A step-by-step blueprint that you’ll be able to use every time you plan a class that will guarantee your class makes sense, is fun, safe, super creative, and saves you time in the planning process.

Your very own Sequence Library System so you can finally keep all of your yoga sequences organized and easy-to-access at any time so you’re never left without a solid plan for class!

A Full PDF Guide Workbook so you can have something tangible to work through and reflect on as you begin crafting classes of your own (able to be printed!)

Inspirational Tips and Stories based on our combined 20+ years of teaching yoga so you can avoid the mistakes we’ve made and build on the lessons we’ve learned.

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“Kate and Patrick really know their craft! Being taught their sequencing structure gave me so much clarity on how to shape my classes and became completely intuitive overtime. I'm proud to offer safe, strategic classes that set my students up for success.”

Jeannine Morris LombardiYoga Teacher + TV Personality

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inside the course 

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Module 1

How to Teach Vinyasa Yoga

Learn the history of vinyasa yoga & the 4 pillars that make this practice unique
Gain clarity on why you fell in love with teaching vinyasa yoga
Discover our signature sequencing style & start transforming your classes right away
A dark-haired, young female yoga student giving a hands-on assist to the senior yoga teacher, tattooed male, Ronen Kauffman
Module 2

Dissecting the Peak Pose

Identify peak yoga poses using anatomy + alignment principles & use them as a base for your classes
Gain permanent access to handy teaching guides, available as a PDF download
Learn which poses suit different class levels so students feel empowered every time
Module 3

Puttering + Sun Salutations

Master the art of the Dharma Talk by discovering what interests you & how that can be connected to the yoga practice to leave students feeling inspired
Learn how to craft the perfect warm-up to prep students’ bodies and get them comfortable with moving
Gain an understanding of how to use Sun Salutations as the backbone of your vinyasa yoga class and how to adjust Surya Namaskar for the level of your students
Modules 4 + 5

Creating Your Standing Sequence

Get the Standing Pose Blueprint for vinyasa classes where we give you the exact format you’ll need to create classes that are unique every time
Explore the different categories of standing poses and map out how they relate to the peak poses you’ll be teaching
Deepen your understanding of how transitions elevate the entire experience of a vinyasa class
Module 6

Teaching Your Peak Pose: The Art of the Demo

Uncover the secret to authentically leading and demonstrating difficult postures with confidence in your classes
Use our tips for creating a classroom environment where students understand it’s ok to “fall” and impossible to “fail”
Access the Asana Demo Formula with the powerful steps you will use to prepare your students
A reliable teacher subbing for another yoga teacher and assisting a student in downward facing dog
Students lying down with blankets covering them in a Yoga Nidra class
Modules 7

Creating a Purposeful Wind Down

Move through our Crafting a Cool Down Guide and learn about the two different directions you can choose when winding down your class
Plan out ready-to-go ways to guide Savasana that feel totally authentic to you as a teacher
Learn how the 15 minutes after class ends can be some of the most impactful minutes you have to build a lasting relationship with your students
Module 8

The Sequencing Lab

Complete the creation of your first yoga sequences using the Vinyasa Sequence Lab Framework that you’ll now have fully mastered
Walk through the setup process for your very own Digital Sequencing Library
Attend our virtual Celebration Event so you can share a collective “Om” with the entire community and toast to all of the work you’ve done and the massive impact you’ll leave

But wait… there’s more!

You’ll also get these printer-friendly pdfs and extras when you enroll, at no extra cost!

Sequencing Lab Workbook

Over 65 pages of templates and resources that go along with each video module in this training to guide you step-by-step to become a sequencing expert!

Peak Pose Matrix

We've broken down the top 5 warm up poses to include in every category of class for the most commonly taught peak poses from backbends to inversions and arm balances alike!

Full Length Classes

See our sequencing style in action with 60 minute yoga classes that you can practice along with and see what it takes to cue in rhythm for a great vinyasa class!

“Patrick & Kate's vinyasa sequencing approach allows me to be confident in bringing students a well-rounded practice, even on the days I feel like I have nothing to give. This framework allows me to be creative in my classes and intentional with my cueing!”

Mélie PurdonInternational Yoga Teacher

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