How to Lead a Yoga Retreat

Everything you need to know about hosting yoga retreats

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30 Hours Yoga Alliance CE Course

YogaRenew is a Registered Yoga School (RYS®) with Yoga Alliance and continuing education YACEP provider. Students who complete our 30 Hour Online Yoga Retreats Course will be able to use this certification as a continuing education (CEU) course.

Create the Retreat of Your Dreams ✨

In YogaRenew’s Yoga Retreats Training, you’ll learn not only what it takes to create and lead a successful yoga retreat, but also how to make it unique to you & your attendees. There are many steps to take before you even book your retreat and begin to promote it. We’ll also share tips and tricks that have worked for us when it comes to promotion, organization, preparation, and steps to continued success. This retreat training will give you the tools to build, lead, and have fun on your very own yoga retreat!

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What You'll Find Inside the Course:

Leadership Qualities

Tap in to what makes you a unique leader and discover your fullest potential

Retreat Creation

Put together a seamless itinerary that your students will love

Travel with Purpose

You’ll learn to lead with intention and how to travel efficiently

Schedules + Self-Care

Gain access to sample schedules as well as tips on vital self-care during your retreat

We’ve already made the mistakes, so you don’t have to!

Here are a couple of the things we dig deeper into to prevent any hiccups in you leading your own retreat:

Video modules to guide you through creating your very own yoga retreat. If you move through the course from start to finish, it is designed to help you actually create your own retreat in real-time
✔ Workbooks to move through when creating your retreat, whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or 10+ day excursion!
✔ Packing Lists so you know know exactly what to bring and don’t forget a thing!
✔ Expert Information on how to avoid common mistakes and how to be prepared when problems arise!
✔ Sample Schedules for you to use as a starting point with yoga, meals, and free time built right in!
✔ Uncover Tips on insurance, visas, vaccinations, packing and other operational aspects
✔ Promote Your Retreat with step by step guidance so you can sell out every time
✔ Avoid Burnout and stay focused on building an incredible experience
✔ Sample Yoga and Meditation Classes for you to practice with and draw inspiration from when teaching your own classes on retreat!
✔ Lifetime Access to all course material, forever! So whether you’re leading a retreat next month or years from now, you’ll always have this info to fall back on!

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Meet Your Instructors

Jordan Ashley

While embracing New York City’s fast-paced yoga culture, Jordan Ashley recognized a need for a more service-based practice; a need for experiences which give perspective to the self through selflessness. Feeling extremely blessed to not only be given the opportunity for education but to have a voice in society, she felt it was imperative to raise both awareness and funds for girls all over the planet who are denied such essential human rights. Drawing on her experience of travel and being a full-time yoga teacher, she created Souljourn Yoga Foundation as an avenue for the practitioner who wants more than just “down dog” and to expand the need for equal education across the globe. Souljourn Yoga Foundation, a US 501(c)3 non-profit that raises awareness and funds for young women’s education and empowerment by using yoga as a platform for social activism. Featured in Forbes, Yoga Journal, the Los Angeles Times, New Balance, Marie Claire UK, Jordan Ashley is an activist, writer, yoga teacher, Tedx speaker, and PhD candidate.

Lisa Bermudez

Lisa is a yoga teacher, Ayurveda Wellness Coach, educator, writer, and skydiver. She’s passionate about bringing you back to balance and helping you remember who you are. Inspired by Bhakti Yoga, fueled by Ayurveda, and moved by yoga, Lisa combines her education and experience to guide you back into your power and your purpose. She completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training New York City and later went on to complete a 500+ hour yoga teacher training. After a pilgrimage to India, she was deeply inspired by Bhakti Yoga and Ayurveda. In New York City, Lisa works as a mentor and educator for 200 hour vinyasa-style teacher trainings and leads specialty workshops and immersions. In addition to teaching group yoga classes and private yoga sessions. In Upstate New York, she co-created and co-facilitated ongoing 200 hour teacher trainings and immersions as well as Ayurveda Lifestyle immersions and gatherings.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need to be a yoga teacher to take this training?

A: Although this training is geared towards leading yoga retreats, you can certainly take the training if you want to lead retreats of any kind.

Q: I never led a retreat before. Will this be helpful?

A: Definitely. This training will help you lead your very first yoga retreat as well as your 100th yoga retreat. It’s for anyone who has never led a retreat before and also for anyone who wants a more guided way to construct and lead their retreats.

Q: I just became a yoga teacher. Can I still benefit from this training?

A: Absolutely! Lots of people actually become yoga teachers because they want to focus on leading retreats. If this sounds like you, then this training will support you through your first retreat.

Q: I don’t plan on traveling far or hosting retreats longer than one day or one weekend. Can I still take this training?

A: Of course. We guide you through different retreats and styles and not all retreats need to be longer ones.