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Our online course for kids yoga will provide you with the skills and resources necessary to build a strong foundation for your own children’s yoga class.

We encourage you to learn and practice at your own pace and our online course allows you to do it all from the comfort of your home. If you’ve been interested in becoming a yoga instructor for kids, now is the time to start exploring.

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Yoga is a great way for kids to learn

Teaching kids yoga can be a great way to enhance their mental and physical well-being. An understanding of child development and the importance of social and emotional learning can improve the way they interact with the world.

Yoga can be taught to children as young as 3 years old and continue all the way into their middle school years. By integrating children’s yoga into your offerings as a yoga instructor, you have the opportunity shape the youth in your community in a healthy + fun way!

Why is yoga good for kids?

Children are impressionable. The skills and values instilled in them at a young age mold who they become in the future. Yoga is the perfect practice for teaching consciousness, stillness, stretching and even courtesy for other beings at a young age. By becoming a kids yoga teacher, you are not only getting to practice what you love, but you’re directly and positively impacting a child’s life.

It alleviates stress — Children can take on stress starting at a very young age. Learning to alleviate that stress by being present in a yoga class can transform the way the child will cope with stress in the future.

It increases focus — It can sometimes be difficult to get a child to focus. By pulling their minds into the present moment of a yoga class, they can learn the valuable skill of paying attention to something for a period of time.

It increases flexibility + activates muscles — The physical can be argued to be just as important as the mental aspect of yoga. It’s a great exercise to keep them engaged physically, finding power in their own body.

It keeps their brains learning + expanding — A child’s mind is absorbent and shapeable; yoga will help their brains continue to expand as they learn to take cues and follow fluid motion.

It teaches them socialization skills — Social interaction is an important yet sometimes difficult skill. Attending a yoga class as a child may help them progress socially and learn things about themselves.

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Meet Trevor & Julie, our Children’s Yoga instructors:

Trevor Vaughan smiling

Trevor Vaughan

I’m Trevor Vaughan. I’m a former Wall Street executive turned yoga teacher, who launched a six-figure business teaching kids yoga. Service is the driving force behind everything I do and I’m focused on serving the lives of children AND the teachers who lead them.

Julie Pasqual of YogaRenew standing with her hands on her hips, smiling

Julie Pasqual

I’m Julie Pasqual. I’m an ERYT-500HR teacher, yoga philosophy nerd who loves finding ways to make the ancient yogic texts accessible to students of all ages. I also work as a clown in children’s hospitals helping to bring joy to kids who need it most and love being able to have a positive impact on their lives.

“We’ve experienced firsthand what it feels like to be searching for a way to be of service and make a positive impact in the world. We know what it means to desperately want to influence the lives of society’s future generations. We also know how it feels to see the joy on a child’s face when they feel happy and proud to be doing something that makes them feel confident, calm, and in control of their health.”

Trevor + Julie's signature

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Our kids yoga course is fun + educational

  • Learn about the link between movement and adolescent health + wellness
  • Learn guided breathing exercises, with language that makes it accessible for children
  • Learn the name, alignment, + teaching cues for more than 50 kids yoga poses
  • Craft yoga games for children that will keep kids engaged, excited, + having fun throughout your class
  • Learn the art of storytelling + learning stories you can use in your classes
  • Gain access to the tools necessary to plan, develop + launch your own children’s yoga business
Children doing yoga outside

12 Modules Included in our Children's Yoga Teacher Training:

Module 1. Understanding the Developing Child

In this module you’ll dive into the key pillars of child development and gain an understanding of the science behind adolescent learning.

We’ll cover developmental milestones that affect the way children will process and react to the yoga classes you’ll teach them.

  • Gain an understanding of child language + communication development and how important it is for you to adjust your communication style based on the age and developmental level of the children you’re teaching.
  • Learn about cognition and the importance of helping children develop a healthy mind and memory through creating an environment to help their brains develop in a healthy way. We’ll talk about executive functioning and the ways that yoga will help teach children to manage stress and develop healthy lifelong habits. 
  • Break down the key benefits of establishing physical movement skills at a young age and how it can directly affects the muscles and bones as children grow. You’ll learn about how movement is directly related to confidence and positive self-worth and how yoga is a great way for students to engage in physical activity.
  • Demystify Social and Emotional Learning so you can understand this key concept used to help guide anyone working with children. We’ll dissect this in easy to grasp terms that will enable you to apply developmental milestones to creating your yoga classes.

Module 2. What is Children’s Yoga?

After gaining an understanding of the science behind child development in Module 1, you’ll spend Module 2 learning how children’s yoga is the perfect way to enhance and support healthy growth in kids.

  • Understand the “modern child” and the ways that modern lifestyle can have an effect on children’s brains and development. Plus, you’ll learn how to use yoga to help balance the constant stimuli that children face on a daily basis in our modern world. 
  • Distinguish between children’s yoga and adult yoga classes. While the history and philosophy of yoga are principles that support children’s yoga classes, the approach to teaching them needs to change compared to teaching adults. You’ll learn how to make these changes and understand the key differences between the two.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of children’s yoga including how it affects physical health, mental health, and cognitive development. In this lesson you’ll also learn the studies and research behind these benefits so you have a foundation rooted in the scientific research to support the teach of children’s yoga.

Module 3. Meditation, Breathing, Mindfulness

Many people think about the physical poses when thinking about yoga, but part of the magic of this practice comes from the connection to the breath—and that’s what we’ll cover in this module.

  • Discover how to lead students through a body scan to help focus their minds and keep them calm.
  • Learn how to incorporate props to teach breathing and provide a visual for your students so you can engage all learning styles
  • Study different types of breathwork that you can teach to children and learn the cues to help make it fun and exciting for them to try.
  • Start creating the unique sequences you’ll build throughout this course with clarity and confidence.

Module 4-9. Children’s Yoga Poses

This is where we get into even more of the fun stuff and do a deep dive into the poses you’ll use in a children’s yoga class.

  • Learn the alignment for over 50 different children’s yoga poses.
  • Find inspiration for creative cues you can use while teaching the poses so that you ensure that the children in your class stay excited and engaged the whole way through.
  • Organize the poses by categories– warm-up, standing, balances, heart openers, and seated poses– so it’s easy for you to make sure you have variety in the classes you teach.
  • Move through lessons on “chair poses” as a way to help students do yoga even when they need to be in their seats.

Module 10. Yoga Games

One of the most fun parts about being able to teach yoga to kids is that you get to jump into their world and embrace a world of playfulness. In this module, we’ll teach you how to take that up a notch by incorporating yoga games into your classes.

  • Uncover the secret to ensuring your students have fun in each class you teach by playing a yoga game.
  • Practice playing each yoga game as a student so you have a full understanding of what it feels like to a participant as you play.
  • Learn how to introduce each game with enthusiasm that will keep your students focused on the task at hand.

Module 11. Teaching Methodology for Kid's Yoga

This module is the secret sauce to BREATH – PLAY – PRACTICE! Here we’re going to teach you the exact formula you’ll need to create children’s yoga classes that are successful every single time you teach.

This module will take the guesswork out of planning your class so you can spend more time thinking of creative ways to make your class more fun and less time worrying about how to put your poses together.


  • Learn our philosophy for teaching children’s yoga and how it’s rooted in the history of the ancient practice of yoga itself.  
  • Understand the 4 key components of classroom management and what you can do to make sure your students are well-behaved and safe throughout your classes.
  • Master our process for sequencing your yoga classes so that you know exactly what you need to do in order to plan classes your students will love over and over again. This template will take out all of the guesswork behind creating classes and leave you feeling confident to start teaching right away.

Module 12. Business of Yoga

After spending time learning about all of the amazing things you can offer by teaching kids yoga, the most important thing you need to do is to figure out how to find students to teach to—and that’s what this module is for. 

In this module we’ll be sharing our proven tips for creating a business out of teaching kids yoga classes and how you can get started earning money as a kids yoga teacher immediately.

  • Walk through the basics of setting up your business—should you open an LLC, how do you get insurance? What else do you need to get started? We’ll cover all of that in this module.  
  • Get inspired to find places to teach children’s yoga in your community and around the world. We’ll share tips on forming relationships with schools, day cares, and community centers so you can start impacting the lives of children.
  • Dive into the 5 main things you’ll need to know in order to run a successful business—pricing, contracts, invoicing, waivers, and professional etiquette. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know to get the nuts and bolts of your business up and running.

What's included in this course:

The Science Behind Yoga

Implementation modules empowering you with the science behind child development + how yoga benefits kids

Real Life Class Techniques

Hands-on modules to teach you breathing techniques, poses, + games that you’ll use to create your class

Classroom Management

A comprehensive teaching methodology to help you plan + organize your classes through classroom management

A Kids Yoga Business Plan

A Business of Yoga module that will walk you through the steps needed to start teaching kids yoga

Kids Yoga Sequencing

A sequencing blueprint that you’ll be able to use to make sure you teach fun, safe, + exciting classes

The History + Philosophy 

Scripts for cues to teach meditation + breathing exercises to kids, plus kid-friendly history of yoga stories

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this course enable me to start teaching Children’s Yoga classes right away?

Yes! This certification, along with the content in this course, will give you everything you need to start teaching Children’s Yoga classes.

Is this training Yoga Alliance certified?

This training can be used for Continuing Education Credits within Yoga Alliance. Yoga Alliance has a Kids Yoga Teacher designation that requires a 95-hour training program. We’re planning to release a 95-hour program in the future, and the hours from this course would be applied to that training.

Do I have to be a yoga teacher to take this course?

Nope! While this course is definitely great for yoga teachers as a way to expand their teaching repertoire, it’s also a great course for educators, care providers, or parents who want to learn more about child development and how yoga can have a positive impact in children’s lives.

What age group is this training geared towards?

This training is focused on teaching kids classes for elementary school students or students ages 5-11.

Does this training cover yoga for teens?

No. While the information on child development in this course can apply to children of all ages, the course doesn’t specifically address the needs of teenagers and is focused on students under the age of 12. 

Can I use this course to teach students with disabilities?

This course does not specifically address how to teach yoga to students with disabilities. If you are a Special Education teacher with knowledge about working with students with specific needs, then the material in this course may be useful for you to use with those students.

How long will I have access to the children's yoga course?

You’ll have access to all of the content inside the BPP for the lifetime of the course. That means that for as long as we continue running this program, you’ll be able to login and view the material along with any updates we add in the future.

Will the course teachers be available if I get stuck and have questions?

Yes! Our team is easily accessed via email to help you throughout the training.

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If you’re a yoga teacher, an educator, a caretaker, or a parent and you’ve found your way here, then we know that we share the same goal: to make our children’s lives better. This training was created with that as the driving force behind what we do. We teach yoga to improve the physical, mental, and spiritual health of children so they can lead happy lives filled with joy and positive self-worth. At YogaRenew, all of our online yoga courses provide you with the skills necessary to teach whichever type of class you are most passionate about, especially children’s yoga.

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