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Prenatal yoga + pregnancy

Our Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training program is an online, self-paced certification that guides you through every facet of yoga for pregnancy. You’ll gain expertise on how this incredible practice can make a big difference during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. 

Throughout this course, the mechanics of prenatal yoga are covered in depth, with a special focus on the power of community, anatomy, and support. This certification will give you the confidence to lead powerful classes and community development for years to come.

Our Prenatal Yoga course curriculum includes:

Understanding Prenatal Yoga

Follow the journey of yoga’s most powerful women and build a better understanding of how prenatal yoga supports the pregnant person.

The Pregnant Body

Learn about the pregnant body, including the hormones, muscles of the breath, pelvis and pelvic floor muscles and common aches and pains.

The Pregnancy Journey

Uncover special considerations for each stage of this beautiful journey through pregnancy, labor and postpartum.

Prenatal Yoga Poses

Learn prenatal yoga poses with insight on adjustments and important considerations on safety for the pregnant person and child.

Teaching Prenatal Yoga

Learn different elements of a prenatal yoga class and the tools necessary to build your own classes from the ground up.


Learn the benefits and how to teach meditation during prenatal yoga classes to help support parent and child.


Build a firm understanding of breathwork and how yogic breathing practices should be adjusted to support the pregnant person.

The Business Behind Prenatal Yoga

Learn how to build a network of yoga students and a community of referrals to keep your classes full year round.

Practice Classes

Experience how a prenatal yoga class is different from a typical studio class and learn to create your own transformative class sequences.

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Why is Prenatal Yoga the perfect exercise for pregnancy?

Prenatal yoga is specifically designed for the pregnant body. Through proper poses that are conscious of the body during pregnancy, prenatal yoga can offer much relief while pregnant. When you’re pregnant, there is added weight on your body, which can make it difficult to perform regular exercises. Prenatal yoga modifies positions so that it actually alleviates the common pains and pressure points of carrying a baby. 

Gentle stretching, frequent stretching and relaxed stretching are feature components when taking a prenatal yoga class. Pregnant persons appreciate the gentle mobility while administering weight in certain areas they aren’t used to. Yoga overall can help with flexibility, blood flow and overall muscle tension. Prenatal yoga classes are specifically designed for the pregnant body to not only offer relief, but positive stimulation to the muscles making carrying as well as delivery much easier.

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Our Prenatal Course is one of our many online yoga courses that we offer at YogaRenew. This course covers all aspects of yoga during pregnancy, including proper breathwork, meditation techniques, and more. We have the resources needed to build a successful business around Prenatal Yoga with a team of yoga teachers and mentors that will guide you every step of the way at an extremely affordable cost.